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The extension phase takes place with the mentor and the mentorvention circle groups. This phase helps to support and strengthen the development of mastery of new skills. The main focus is, therefore, to support the mentees in evaluating progress, to show them how to adapt and change strategies that don’t work, and to reinforce those that do.

The mentees are invited back to attend a series of meetings with their circles and mentor. The purpose of the extension phase is for the mentor to touch base with the mentees and the mentees to exchange experiences, follow up on each other’s progress, and find out if they encountered any barriers or had any good achievements to share and learn from.

This phase gives the mentees an opportunity to adjust any faulty or counterproductive strategies and strengthen their support system between them as a group. It also helps them get back in touch with their hopes and motivations.

The focus is on:
  • Refining strategies
  • Maintaining pace
  • Reaching short & long-term goals
  • Evaluating progress
  • Adapting strategies
  • Growing from mistakes
  • Attributing success to:
    • effort
    • persistence
    • opportunity
    • access
    • help
    • and time

Project: 2020-1-SE01-KA204-077915
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