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Academic independence as a tool for empowering foreign-born women in Europe

02 March 2022

Did you know that male immigrants with asylum who have resided in Denmark up to 3 years, have an employment rate of 47%? On top of that, when they have lived in Denmark between 3-6 years, the employment levels rise to 60%.

First Step! Why we are here

12 November 2021

Have you ever tried to grow a plant from a small seed? Have you noticed how much time, effort and care does it take for a beautiful flower to bloom?

Now, imagine a person that had to leave his/her country for various reasons and has arrived in a completely new environment with new culture and language. Does this case remind you of a seed that has recently been planted in the soil? Although it has a huge potential of growing and enriching nature, insufficient care and neglect may damage and destroy it eventually.

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